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 #34792  by Bailey Shea
REFORMATION ERA; Friends/Enemies - The Works
Name: Bailey Shea
Grade: 1st Year
House: Hufflepuff
Personality Traits:
* Sweet
* Naive
* Reserved
* Sensitive

* Lip Biting
* Finger Tapping
* Squirming
* Daydreaming

* Reading
* Cooking
* Herbology
* Astrology
* Divinations

* Potions, though he is good at it
* Flying because he is afraid of heights
* Storms because loud noises scare him

Friends: Bailey is genuinely very kind and sweet. He will become a very affectionate friend and loves hugs and holding hands. He is clingy and can be needy. Though he is only used to going through an adventure in books and he finds actually going on adventures troublesome because it can get him in trouble and he is afraid of getting yelled at... He will most likely cry if he does, but he will go on adventures and go to great lengths for a friend.

Enemies: Bailey is also naive and gullible which would make him an easy target for light teasing or even full-on bullying. Though do not be surprised if he gets used to the attention and may even, in the end, like his bully because Bailey is a needy little one who loves the attention. [Could be a future plot]

Love interests: So bailey is only 11yrs old right now. I don't mind if it goes organically or making a plot with someone but I want to straight out be completely honest, as his writer... I already know his gender preference for when he is older.
He will very much be only into males for romance and such. However, if he loves... Not in love with but Loves a friend who is a girl, he may be persuaded into marrying such a person. Though he would be completely honest with her about his preferences.
[Future plot perhaps?]
 #34925  by Markus Green
I have Markus/Mark Green, multi personality disorder.
He is a 6th year ravenclaw - but loves to come out of the common room with a book. Markus prefers the student hang out (and choosing a dark corner in it.)

.Bad at anything when it comes to books/classes
.not a very social person...He's more rugged and often confused for slytherin due to it.
.Protective of those he does bond with. (can be protective of those Mark bonds with during golden)

Shy, but not needy he isn't one to cling to anyone, preferring his books.
Untrusting but kind, he is one of those who would give the shirt off his back.
Basically ahead of his classes - every class due to his bookworm habits.
Can make friends, and once he does check in from time to time (When he's in control.)

I will say Mark even in forums other than golden is NOT into men. (my character Shiro and Hiro are but there not an option.), though in all actuality Mark's not into man or woman that way - stunted in personality and stuck in child form. Markus is all for girls and women, but I would be willing to make both of these personalities a friend. (At the very least Mark.)
 #35002  by Hiro Kawazaki
I’m personally not a fan of joining already replied to threads, hasn’t faired well for me in the past. Once bitten twice shy you could say.

But I am more than happy to plan out another one for you, I’ll hit you up on discord and we can work something out.