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 #34793  by Maki
Hello, I am looking into making Dakumatasukuru. A party/entertainment nightclub in Japan it is being opened by Shiro Takayama and ran by the Nakamura-shi Mahou Yakuza that runs out of Hokkaido, Japan.

Eras: Reformation/lagacy

Employment: Usually these would be people who owe a debt to the Yakuza and or those people who really need money...or maybe just someone who wants to rub elbows with the elite. While the Yakuza in Yoru’s time wouldn’t have allowed it - country of origin means nothing as it’s a well known fact those none Japanese are seen as exotic in Japan. He’s more than willing to hire anyone of any background - if they have the skill set he’s looking for.

General layout: This place is pretty big, taking up almost a full block it is a three story building with many rooms on each floor. The first level of the place is the main bar and lounge area, this floor houses a few private rooms for small groups - those wanting privacy for their party. The main area will have one big bar and a 20 sqf dining area and stage for a band.

The second story sports a 30 sqf dance floor with a bar to the side and small seating area’s around the edges. Those back rooms are the offices and security and are not open to the public.

The third floor is a private floor to be rented out, the prices being targeted to those of the elite only. This floor is the most ‘pretty’ being adorned by gold coated in silver decor and priceless gems as light fixtures. The back rooms are private rooms for whatever the people renting see’s fit. To work in this area, one would really need to have the trust of the owner. All other areas would be much easier to get hired for.

General color layout is black,silver and purple coming from the dark matter inspiration

Plot ideas:

Maybe your character wants to get hired
Maybe your character deals with jewels and want to supply them with the ones they need?
Does your character know how to make light fixtures/bars ect? He wouldn’t mind hiring someone to make his vision come to life.

I’m sure there are many other ideas that im not coming up with. If you'd want in and have any other idea’s feel free to share and we can plot it out! :)