A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #34796  by Hiro Kawazaki
"Unn...got it." He said, taking the blueprints from the man hired to draw them out. The man talking to him about the changes and how much better it would look. He respectfully didn't tell Yoru's friend he would see for himself as he sat them on the paper.

Just as footsteps came into the room.
"Ishikawa...the girls are downstairs. Not on the third floor." He muttered, unfolding the papers carefully.

He'd had enough of him that night.
 #34797  by Shinji Ishikawa
"Actually...came to look at the blueprints myself." He said, not lying...totally. He had come there for a reason other then that but they were part of the reason.
"I wanted to apologize." He figured after his talk with Yoru it was safe to say he'd better start kissing both the Wakagashira and OYa-buns butts - though with doing so his mouth was going to start tasting real sour.

"I should have gone by proper channels..." He added, "Enough of that though, the blueprints. I heard the design changed, can I look?" He said having been the one to help with the first version.
 #34798  by Hiro Kawazaki
He paused the opening of the blueprints, looking up without his face really moving with his eyes.
"You what?" He asked, "You asked for me to toss you across this room? I don't mind, I mean it's not like we've started the actual design yet." From what he understood the blueprints were not meant for anyone but him and Shiro's...maybe Yoru at times. Shinji hadn't been mentioned.

"Shinji," He mused. "What have Shiro and Yoru said about that. Actions speak, not words. Show it, don't tell it."

"You weren't approved to see the updates," He closed them up, "If you want to see them you'll have to owl the boss. Then I would be more than happy to show them to you." And he would be. There was nothing personal he had for the man in front of him when it came to working.
 #34800  by Shinji Ishikawa
He chuckled,
"I'm sure you could, but that's not my reason for being here." He said, seeing for just a second the kid that he could never beat with a game of fists. Leaning on a table near the plans he decided it was in his best interest to respect the fact he was currently blocked from them.
"Can you at least tell me if they seem better?" He pressed.

"I did do half of the starter plans, please just give me a little to go on..."
 #34801  by Hiro Kawazaki
He sighed, opening the scroll. He could give Shinji his personal opinions without giving details on why he had them. If that got the man out of his hair he'd be happy to give him at least that much.
"Lets see..." He started scanning carefully. "Actually I think he's perfected them as much as he could." He really had no other opinion to say.

"You like the rest of us should be excited to see the end results.", he paused, looking back, "Old man!" He called the man appearing from the corner, the plans already folded back up.
"Thank you." He started walking towards the elevator.

"Actually...I also wanted to see how the girls were doing. If you don't mind."
 #34802  by Shinji Ishikawa
'c'mon man...' he thought to himself, taking the lack of information with a simple bow knowing if he said what he was thinking he'd be in deeper water than he was.
"Then...we shall see it when it opens." He agreed, tasting the bad taste of bitterness.

"Not at all." He started for the elevator. "I have the training on the second floor, guards at the front doors. Basically..." He waited until Hiro was in the elevator.
"I'm the last knight protecting them if the vampires want to come for a visit." The tone he used almost lingering on anxiety. He wasn't sure if he could alone take fifteen vampires at once with no casualties. If not for the girls? Maybe.
 #34803  by Hiro Kawazaki
Running his hand through his hair he nodded,
"I'd say so." He agreed.

Lighting up a cig he focused on the wall, his ears open to what the other man was saying. Only when he mentioned the lack of security did Hiro look at him.
"Didn't realize he was so mad." he commented. "I'll talk to him on getting more security." The doors opening to the girls talking at the bar.

"Ladies." He nodded, "I assume you've been doing well in the mixing lessons?"
 #34804  by Shinji Ishikawa
"Thanks." He said, a low chuckle in his voice, his direction being on the girls for a moment. "Good actually. were halfway down the list...just another 56 to go." And he'd have to do the whole list over if Shiro took his suggestions on some of the other options.

"Yoru steered me in the right direction." He mused, wanting to take full credit...yet knowing if he did he might just see a side of Yoru no one wanted to see.
 #34805  by Hiro Kawazaki
"No problem." Because he would just be doing his job - a job that Shinji was trying to say he couldn't do. While he would have talked to Shiro anyway...this would be something to add to the list of things to mention if Shinji wanted to pull that stunt again. The nod that followed was purely for the fact he was impressed. Only 56 to go....in one day no less.

"Even for who he is naturally the man does have a way with people when he needs to." He admitted. "Good, I'll see you later then. I need to do a couple of things before I get home." He stopped midway to the elevator.
"I think it's not a bad time for you all to go as well, it is late and 50 drink mixes isn't too shabby." If this hadn't been a bunch of nice tempered women and instead was a bunch of the boy's he might not have been so quick to say anything like that knowing how jumpy Shiro was about this going perfect. However, when it came to who he was dealing with some delicacy was needed.

"Goodnight." The door closed as a couple of the females waved a goodbye, shinji looking as if he was waiting to fall onto the back area of the bar in relief.
 #34806  by Shinji Ishikawa
"That's why I follow him so closely." Shinji said, watching as HIro turned into the girl's knight in shining armour within ten seconds. Rolling his eyes once the door was shut he started picking up the glasses, looking outside. It was dark...and with the dark came...

Maybe Hiro had a point.

"He's right, it's late." He spoke to them, one of them starting to argue with them. She looked like she was actually starting to have fun. "We'll start again tomorrow, I promise. IT is late however and were not the only boogyman who roam the streets when the sun goes down. Go home, get some rest." He waved them off as they piled into the elevator that had just come back up and went to finish polishing off the glasses for tomorrows lessons.