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 #34807  by Shiro Takayama
The water from the shower pulled over his tired form, the albino enjoying the soothing feeling as he finished up his shower. The tap turning off a moment later he slipped on his night pants and headed into the main bedroom in just enough time to see Hiro enter the room.

The towel still in his hands he shook his hair out with it one last time before tossing it on the bed and going for the closet for his nightshirt.
"I trust that the bank client wasn't too hard to deal with," He asked, slipping on the shirt and moving to relocate the towel back to the bathroom where it really belonged.
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The silk bed was welcoming as he sat down, watching as his husband exited the shower and went for the dark bamboo closet they had to the side of the room. Carefully his fingers were already prying his shoes from his tired feet, imagining how a shower would be nice right then and there.
"He might be easier to deal with if you'd stop using violence..." He muttered. "It's not dampening his insultive personality any, only making it worse."

"Stopped by the club, seems the new girls are doing much better." He said, glad to come into the house with good news for once. "Though I would like to talk to you about security." He looked behind him. "Two people isn't enough."
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He chuckled, remembering the mouth the bank owner had on him.
"He's dealing with an organization that deals with everything related to the black market. I think getting a bit roughed up when your late on payments is getting off easy." The albino reminded his husband, not exactly sure why he needed to point these facts out. Walking back into the main room he grabbed the files on his side of the bed and slid them over.

"I have two of the best men at those doors. One was actually in your group when we were newbies." He argued. "The other one comes from back when Yoru was still training." He added, taking a sip of the drink he'd ordered be ready for him. As for security, he was going for quality, not quantity.
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"Yeah well you made a lasting impression." The long haired Japanese man confirmed, though the man hadn't been late since.

"What's this?" He asked, picking up the files opening up the top one. A girl...well adult but the face was still looking young stared back at him. Whoever this was he was sincerely hoping this wasn't a hit he was being asked to do.

"And no matter how strong if a nest of vampires hits that club we'll lose everything. Two men can't defend themselves with say....20 vampires attacking them at once sir."
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"Relax...it's someone I want you to interview for the club." He said seeing the shoulders of his husband tense. He'd put files like this in front of him before with girls that young that were hits. Usually, girls who cheated on high-status clients of his. he had nothing left to say about the bank owner, he'd made his point...and it seemed to have worked. Nothing more needed said about it.

"If I was blasting the club all over the papers I'd see your point. Right now, its very low on the radar." He reasoned. "Need not fill it with our useful men just yet."
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Relief flooded him, and his dark eyes once again were allowed to look at the profile that was placed in front of him without a feeling of foreboding.
"She just turned of age, this one. Really Shiro what debt would she owe?" He asked, knowing the employee's he was looking for.

"I still say at least one more person should be installed there, but whatever you feel is right we'll go with." He said, choosing to add the last part to make sure Shiro still have the control he craved.
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Leaning over he placed his glasses back on and looked over the file in question. That was the only one he was questioning as well, but she was still a possibility.
"She isn't in debt, yet. She had a child out of wed-lock, and like the second one on the list, her father discarded her. She needs the income to live and is too young for any other company to take her seriously."

"And who would you suggest?" The albino willing to hear the other man out. One more person wasn't too much to ask.
 #34829  by Hiro Kawazaki
He huffed, he didn't really like the idea of putting someone just coming of age into their club - the training it would involve...the poor start to life...but unlike him Shiro didn't seem to mind it. He instead of trying to change his opinion went to the second file.
"And you want to put someone who's quit two jobs in our club? Lacks dependability." He mused.

Taking drag of his cig he smirked,
"My rookie second in command." Rookie being not an official ranking but it still showed promise. Hiro had been more than fair competition to Shiro and his group, only losing out by an inch a bodyguard position would be perfect as his group was known for their violence back in the day.
"He's been wanting a job like this for awhile, I think he'd be perfect."
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Raisin an eyebrow he looked over as Hiro,
"You mean...the guy who beat up one of my men without going through proper channels and sent him to the hospital? If he's still a loose canon he's instantly not an option." He mused, remembering Shinji having trouble as he tried to take in air years before. That was a very sour time in his and Hiro's past.

"Apparently she keeps getting harrassed," He mumbled, though Hiro made the same point he'd made to Shinji. "I'm not so sure about her mself...but give her a shot. See how the interview goes. You think she's not serious? Then move on."
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"Were not fifteen anymore and if you remember right I handled that situation." By beating the man senseless in response to his cowered like methods to reach the top ranks.
"We've changed, and he has to." Partly because he'd given up on trying for the top years ago.

"I'll give her a shot, but if I don't like what I see I will be giving her the boot." He warned, though he'd already gotten permission he wanted to make sure Shiro knew what would be happening in his own words. permission or not in this case.
"These four the only ones to look into?" He asked, having had enough of files.
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He scoffed,
"Yeah, and I ended up having to finish the message...after he messed with another yakuza's rookie group." He countered, remembering that battle too vividly.
"If I remember right...that put the protection money collection job back a week. Yoru was far from happy." He sighed, "No Hiro, I'm not risking it. I will however meet you have way and put someone else in place of him." The albino not willing to budge.

"Uhn, for now." He said, flipping his legs onto the silk sheets. "I might have more as the mixing classes continue."
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'Willing to work with the Ivers...but wont give your own men redemption...' he thought to himself putting the butt out in the ashtray next to him. At least he got Shinji another backup, the Japanese man having to look at the silver lining.
"Thank you." He humbly said, watching the other man get comfier on the bed.

"We need to start looking into those with more experience in the subject. The place is big, with at least four ars we'll need a large staff." He reasoned.
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He nodded, picking up another file related to something else.
"Ah," He agreed. "Still need to find a proper crafter too. The bar setting isn't going to make itself." He mused. "But that's for another day," He finished, hoping that would be the end of business talk for the day.
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He peered from the file, watching Hiro leave before putting it down and turning out his light. He had a long day tomorrow, Hiro coming to bed not smelling of the last day would be nice.