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 #35828  by Christopher Lindsay
Location: Lindsay Manor, York • Date: 14 February
Time of Day: Evening • Weather: Cold and Cloudy

Chris smiled as he set his paper grocery bag down on the kitchen counter in his flat. He liked to call his small nook of the world "Lindsay Manor" for kicks and giggles. It sounded glamorous, but it was really just a one bedroom in a decent apartment building that was paid for on a teacher's salary. Luckily, Chris's parents had offered to furnish a lot of the place, his mother insisting that he couldn't live without a sofa or a kitchen table. It was sweet, really, and he made sure to thank them any chance he got.

But tonight was about thanking someone else. Tonight was about doing something special for his someone special. And what better way to show his feelings than by cooking his significant other dinner? Chris had decided on homemade pasta with homemade sauce. He'd bought a bottle of sparkling moscato wine to go with it and carefully put it in the fridge to chill.

While he hadn't made pasta from scratch before, he was sure it couldn't be that hard. He had a recipe and he was following it to the T. He'd set the table out like it was a fancy restaurant, laid flowers across the chair he had reserved for his boyfriend, and even put out candles to light before they ate. He felt on top of the world, stirring his sauce and boiling the water as he checked his watch. Kyle would be there any minute.
 #35829  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle had purposely rearranged his timetable to be able to leave work early and meet with Chris. He had a feeling a lot of other employees wanted to get off to spend time with their girlfriends and significant others, but after all the overtime he did at Christmas? Not a chance. After all, he was the second in command for a reason, and if wanted an afternoon off, he should be able to do so without scrutiny. He also had his suspicions that Ivan was doing the same to spend time with Zara, maybe Caleb and Robin would try to sneak off together, perhaps Nikolai would decide tonight was the night he would see Nikita again.

It didn't matter. Kyle was here for Chris and Chris alone, and the idea of spending the entire evening with the person he loved had hi smiling all day. Even as the newest trainee accountant flubbed some numbers on one of the equipment orders, Kyle simply rolled his eyes slightly and had Sen fix it with ease. It was nice to have a lighter feeling to his step, even with impending dangers toward the Ivers...and even with the lingering feeling that he was technically owned by Nathan and his messed up ideologies.

Enough thoughts on work!

Stepping up to the apartment, Kyle turned the key, taking a breath and assuming the role, once more, that he was simply another muggle. It wasn't too hard to pretend since his father was also a muggle, but it was perhaps weighing heavier than he wanted to admin, especially since Ivan pointed it out to him that he'd never introduced Chris to his work friends. Stepping in, he called out.

"Honey, I'm home!" He grinned after, closing the door and following the scent of food to the kitchen. "Whatever you have, it smells delicious." He cooed, peering from behind the door frame.

"Oh, wow! Are you cooking from scratch!?"
 #35830  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris had been expecting Kyle to use his key, and he was positive he was quicker than lightning and could manage to run over to the chair and grab the flowers when he heard the other, but he wasn't quick enough or Kyle was too fast, and he missed his opportunity to be standing there with flowers. Oh well. He dashed over to the flowers and picked them up, turning around in a whirl.

With a smile, he held the little bouquet of carnations and little daisies (he thought thats what they were) out to his boyfriend. "Yes I am, and you have no choice but to enjoy it. Even if it's awful," he said, handing over the flowers and pulling the other over for a sweet kiss.

"How was your day at work, sweetheart?" He hoped that it wasn't a bad day. While he didn't know much about Kyle's job, he knew that he was in security. He assumed that was pretty secret stuff; after all, he wouldn't want to be the reason that someone's safety was compromised. Pulling back, he squeezed Kyle's hand and went back to the stove to stir the sauce.
 #35880  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle grinned at the other man, kissing him back easily as the bouquet of flowers was pressed into his palm. They really were pretty. It was strange; Kyle wasn't usually the type to give or receive flowers. Perhaps just to his mum on mother's day. And there was also that time he picked some lilac daffodils and gave them to Benjamin Beshemin in fourth year - as a friend, he'd told himself. Simply giving them because they looked nice and he thought Ben would appreciate them...which he did...

Perhaps now wasn't the time to be thinking of a childhood romance. Right now, his attention was on Chris. Leaning down, Kyle sniffed the flowers, peering over the petals as Chris tended to the meal. How did he get so lucky? In a lot of ways, he was glad Chris was a muggle; it meant when he came home from work, it truly was a break from the havoc - he could be someone else, someone normal and regular without worry of dark wizards and witches.

"Good, actually. Not too much trouble today. It was more just grueling paperwork, but sometimes that's for the best." Kyle turned to a cabinet, opening it up and pulling out a vase. He looked at it fondly for a moment, remembering the time Chris had clumsily knocked it over and been upset since he'd liked it so much. In the dead of night, Kyle had magicked it back to perfection, and presented it to his boyfriend under the guise of 'I'm just really good with super glue'.

Filling it with water, Kyle placed in the flowers.

"How was your day? What topic did you end up deciding to cover first with the year sevens?"
 #36175  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris thoroughly enjoyed the look on Kyle's face and the way he leaned down so carefully to take in the scent of the pretty little bouquet. It made him feel good to do little things. Little nice things. He wasn't a huge fan of the over-the-top things that some people did for the significant others; to him, that was just material and people didn't need things, they needed love. And that was what he gave to Kyle.

"Ugh, paperwork. It's the bane of my existence," he joked. He spent literal days grading pages and pages of essays with questionable understanding. But that was all part of the teaching gig. He didn't mind it, really. Not with all the holidays and summers off.

He glanced over and smiled at the vase that his boyfriend had expertly fixed. It really baffled his mind that he couldn't find any cracks at all. Kyle really was a wonder with super glue. "Ancient Egypt. I came up with this ridiculous idea. We are going to have a mock-dig. I'll tape off areas and they will work in groups and then at the end, they get to submit- and they will love this- an entire newspaper, filled with all of the things they learned, presented via a journalistic view. Complete with pictures," he said, excitedly and sarcastically at the same time. He knew those kids were going to both hate him and love him for the project.
 #36259  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle grinned at Chris.

"Y'know, I think I would have loved you as a teacher; I always enjoyed English so writing the article part of it would have been amazing. I really should get back to reading more." He pondered, leaning back on the counter. "I once wanted to be a linguistic teacher when I was younger. I'd planned it all out with the courses I would take, getting experience working in a book shop, writing essays...I even nearly published a piece in a collaborative book of poetry from my area. But I guess things got distracted and veered elsewhere."

He thought back, somewhat fondly, but somewhat solemnly. All those lost opportunities to do what he had dreamed of, and it was all because of Dice. All because he was young, stupid, and afraid of being lonely in his life - Dice had been the first person after Hogwarts not to judge him for what he was. And because of that, Dice had taken advantage of him, manipulated him, and driven him directly down a path of criminal activity. Kyle was surprised he had never been caught for his accidental smuggling - he wasn't exactly very savvy back then.

"So," he began, stepping forward and wrapping his arms around Chris. "Is there dessert too or did you maybe have something else in mind?"
 #36476  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris grinned when Kyle seemed to like his project idea. A lot of people liked his idea, sure, but it meant something more that this man in particular liked his ideas. He raised his eyebrows when the other launched into his story, loving hearing more about Kyle's past. For some reason, it sometimes felt like there were gaps in what he did know. "You could still publish, you know," he commented. "I could undistract you and veer you back in that direction."

He was stirring the sauce he'd made when his boyfriend's arms slid around him. It was such a warm feeling that washed over him, one that he often felt when with Kyle. He assumed that was what love felt like when you were coasting on a wave of it. It was enough that he couldn't help the smile that crossed his face. "I have some ice cream in the freezer if you're really craving something sweet, but other than that, I'd planned to see where the evening took us," he said, bringing a spoon of sauce up and turning in Kyle's arms.

"Taste," he instructed, holding the spoon up.
 #36573  by Kyle Bowden
"Mm, I have many ideas where the evening could lead us, but ice cream is a good start." Kyle commented, enjoying the feeling of the other in his arms.

To think that, not so long ago, Kyle had been ashamed to love like this. It was maybe only a couple of years back that he was so enamoured by Dice and his antics, but it was in taking a break and going out in the world that he discovered his true worth. And after a little while more, Chris had stumbled into his life - quite literally; he'd tripped over him at a history museum whilst trying to herd a group of students. They'd laughed, of course, but it was perhaps more embarrassing for Kyle to find such a handsome man in his lap - had he believed in some kind of deity up there, he would have thanked them. As the kids had been asked to explore a few pieces, Kyle had swept up the chance to speak to the other, and the rest had seemingly fallen into place.

He was snapped out of the fond memory as Chris brought up the spoon. Kyle immediately took the invitation, tasting it and humming approvingly. "Delicious. Who knew; yet another talent to add to your growing repertoire. Don't get too good, though, or you will be cooking for me every night."

From the corner of his eye, Kyle saw the water boiling over the pot of pasta. He sniffed, flicking his fingers slightly and turning the gas hob down subtly before smiling at Chris, hoping he wouldn't notice.He'd done little things like this secretly before, but perhaps he was getting too cocky with it.
 #36655  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris couldn't help but smirk a little when Kyle suggested something other than ice cream for dessert. He had hoped that that was where the evening might eventually go. Especially if Kyle would stay the night.

He loved to play house with the other. Cooking and tidying up and bringing Kyle a glass of something for him to enjoy while they watched a movie or read together. And then getting to sleep beside each other, falling asleep to the sound of Kyle's breathing and wake up beside each other, feeling warm and safe and comfortable. Having breakfast together. Honestly, Chris wished that they could live together, in the same apartment. But that discussion would have to come at another time.

Smiling, and took the spoon and moved it aside to twist his neck just enough to kiss the other's lips. "I wouldn't mind cooking for you every night," he said, twisting back to his food and reaching to stir the pasta which seemed to be turned down a little too low. He paid it no mind though. Everything was coming out perfect. "It's easy. Just follow the recipe and add a little extra garlic or butter because these recipes never call for enough."
 #36751  by Kyle Bowden
"That's why I always keep a stick of Lurpak garlic butter in my fridge at all times. See? I told you I'm efficient; it'[s the perfect way to reduce time and halt the cravings...sort of." He spoke, the corners of his mouth turning up as he sidled up beside Chris. He looked over his cooking for a moment. Kyle was also fairly apt at cooking, too, but he had to admit that it really was a lot nicer to have someone cooking for you, especially on Valentines day. Or any way, in fact!

Feeling like he was lurking a bit too much, he decided to busy himself. He turned, helping himself to the cutlery drawer where he began to pull out knives and forks and spoons and perhaps a little spoon for no discernible reason. He just didn't want to make Chris feel like he was being judged during this. He placed them out on the table, followed by two wine glasses. He glanced around, wondering where Chris had put the lighter for the candles, but with the other's back turned, he lit the wicks with the tip of his finger quickly instead.

"So, what's on the agenda for tonight? Are we having a relaxed evening?"
 #36847  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris shook his head at the garlic butter comment. That was cheating in his opinion. He loved fresh garlic; it was almost his favorite flavor. In fact at that moment, he couldn't think of anything that could be higher on his favorites list. At least for foods. Kyle's initiative was up there on his favorites list too. Especially how he just went and set the table without being asked, even lighting the candles! Chris couldn't help but smile.

Pulling the pasta pot from the stove, he carried it to the sink and drained the water, reaching back quickly to turn off the burner. "You didn't have to do that," he said, a bit of adoration in his voice. "I didn't even hear you open the junk drawer to get the lighter. Mr. Sneaky," he commented, playing a bit. "But, yes, we are having a relaxed evening. I thought we could have a fire and we could watch anything you wanted." He nodded his head toward his gas fireplace in the corner as he put the strainer into the pot and put the pot back on the stove.

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 #36924  by Kyle Bowden
Kyle smirked a little. Sometimes, he enjoyed hearing Chris making comments about how he did things so quietly or quickly - of course it was cheating with magic, - but there was a certain part of pride within him. It meant he was good at his job; his role entailed him being subtle and professional, undetected by others. He remembered how he despised having a red canary as his animagus form; others would laugh at him for it. But he proved them wrong, using it instead to gain intelligence unknown to the enemy.

"I could just watch you, y'know." He retorted coyly, leaning back against the counter. "We also still have that jigsaw if you're interested? If not, we could watch a really soppy film." He suggested.
 #37029  by Christopher Lindsay
Chris coyly looked over his shoulder at Kyle and smiled. As much as he wanted to go and just pepper kisses over his lips, he knew that he was going to burn dinner if he moved that way. It would be too hard to pull himself away from the other, especially since Kyle was radiating that something that he couldn't resist.

"Ooh, a jigsaw," he said, his voice flirtatious, making the puzzle sound sexy. "How romantic, you're really outdoing yourself now." He pulled the sauce from the stove and decided to mix the pasta into it, twisting it onto plates. "Do you wanna eat, or just watch me?" he joked, motioning the other toward the table.