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 #35836  by Nate Dexter
Location: Outside The Blood Moon Inn • Date: February 14, 2004
Time of Day: 9:30pm • Weather: Cold

It was confirmed. He hated Valentines Day. Not only was it a ridiculous day to spend a ridiculous amount of money but it was also the one day of the year that couples were overly disgusting and thought it was their Merlin given right to annoy anyone serving them that evening. Nate assumed he would have got away with sickly sweet couples in The Blood Moon Inn but it seems even the seediest of couples loving making out in a dark corner of a dingy pub.

Nate stood outside his place of work, a cigarette hanging limply out the side of his mouth and a pint in his hand. He was never as glad to finish a shift but it was also a Saturday night and he wasn't quite ready to head back to his empty apartment just yet. The question now was where did he head for the night?
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 #35881  by Helena Sun
It wasn't that Helena didn't believe in Valentine's Day per se. Somehow, every year she was once again without a favourable partner worth celebrating with. It seemed pretty evident that she would be spending it alone.

The decision to check in on the one friend she knew would also be spending the dreaded date alone was unrehearsed. Nevertheless, the witch found herself apparating to the Blood Moon Inn that particular Saturday evening. Sure enough, she noticed the familiar monks cut and the curl of smoke receding from his mouth.

Helena approached Nate who was standing outside the pub with a knock-off drink in hand. She slid up beside him and whispered lowly in his ear. "Done with work?"
 #35901  by Nate Dexter
"Should a lady like yourself be walkin' round these parts on her own this late at night?" Nate replied, a smirk upon his lips. He took the final two drags of his cigarette before putting it out on the ground with his foot.

"Just finished." he replied, nodding towards the door of the bar. "Never been as happy to see the back of the place. Workin' Valentines Day is always a pain." he explained, stuffing his hands into his pockets to warm them up.

"Any plans yerself for the evenin'?" he asked.
 #35908  by Helena Sun
The eye-roll Helena gifted Nate was long and judicious as she reached into her purse for her own cigarette and a book of matches.

"Thought you loved these kinds of celebratory traps," she sneered as she struck a single match against its home.

"I came to see if you were working, maybe go out for a drink." She didn't add that sitting at home with a bottle of Merlot made her feel especially unloveable on this particular evening.
 #35967  by Nate Dexter
"Well, ye clearly don't know me well enough then, Sun." Nate replied with a smirk.

At the offer of someone to go for a drink with, the man nodded. "Of course. I know a nice bar down here." He replied, nodding down the street away from The Blood Moon Inn.

"It's not half as grungy as this place."
 #36102  by Helena Sun
"What if I like grungy?" Helena felt the need to say almost robotically as she struck up a matchstick and held it close to her lips.

"I can go anywhere, as long as it isn't too preppy" she then followed up, not wanting to dissuade Nate from spending the evening drinking firewhiskey with her.

"And not full of couples either."
 #36319  by Nate Dexter
"I like grungy more than the next person," Nate replied, "But not dirty grungy." The ex-Ravenclaw said, nodding back towards his place of work.

Nate laughed at his companion's comment. "Sometimes I think you don't know me at all, Sun." The boy smirked as the two continued walking along the now dark alleys of Kockturn alley.

The man led them down various smaller alleyways and side streets until they reached a small door with 'No Name' written above it. From the outside, the place looked quite small. You'd almost be mistaken for missing it completely if you weren't paying attention. Nate held the door open for Helena. "Watch the steps," he said as she entered, "They're steep."

Nate followed Helena inside, entering down into a bar much bigger than it looked from the outside. As you walked down the stairs, the music became louder and more vibrant and the empty street above seemed too far away in comparison to the hustle and bustle that was inside the bar.

As soon as the two entered, Nate led the way to the bar which sat the other said of the large room. Scattered around, there were many tables and chairs, a random assortment of different couches and armchairs scattered around in no particular order, nor did anything seem to be matching. But to Nate, that was the appeal of this 'no named' bar. On the walls hung various different pieces of art, with scribbles and stickers scattered around from the bars various visitors over the years.

"First round is on me."
 #36429  by Helena Sun
"I know you better than your own mother, Nate Dexter" Helena replied with a lofty grin as they strolled down the crumbling streets of Knockturn Alley. She much preferred this part of wizarding town to the next. The disorder of the place made her feel at ease, more at home.

The venue Nate had brought her to seemed like just the place to spend a solitary Valentine's day together. She admired the artwork at a leisurely as they made their way to the bar. The witch leaned against the bar, breathing in the old comfort of indoor smoke and spilled beer.

"I'll have a vodka, lime, and soda to start then," said Helena as she offered Nate a gracious smile. She lit another cigarette using the book of matches she kept in her purse. Inhaling slowly, she gave Nate a sidelong gaze.

"You know, I'm glad you're not busy today. I think this is the first Valentine's day I've spent alone since I was sixteen. I'm not used to it."

All her life she had been alone, but there had always been some warm body to keep her company. This year was different. There was no momentary distraction, no counterfeit love to dissuade her from her sadness.
 #36438  by Nate Dexter
"I barely knew my own mother so that doesn't count." Nate replied, laughing. Nate didn't talk too much about his family. Mainly because his parents weren't around and his uncle was, well, his uncle. Over the years he learned that the only way to get through life was to laugh about what you could or you'd never be happy.

"Vodka, lime and soda for the lady and a whiskey and coke for myself." Nate ordered from the bartender, throwing money on the counter.

"Well that is where we differ." Nate replied, handing his friend the drink she had ordered. "This is probably one of the only Valentines I've spent with anyone that I actually like." Really that said all it needed to about Nate. Most of his Valentines he spent alone, working or drinking. But those he did spend with other girls were mainly just so he wouldn't be drinking alone. At least he actually enjoyed Helena's company.

Nodding towards a table on the other side of the room, Nate made his way over. "There's definitely worse ways to spend your Valentine's Day."
 #36451  by Helena Sun
"Then I definitely know you better," the journalist confirmed as she leaned against her friend and smiled coyly. Something that she found incredibly endearing about their friendship was the absence of frills, the no-nonsense impartiality- a lack of sympathy in plainer worlds. Life was bleak and sharp-lined. The two of them knew that, and the two of them navigated this world holding this understanding close to their heart.

"Hey now, are you declaring your love to me, Dex?" Helena chirped jokingly as she followed her companion to the empty table. She took a seat and cradled her drink in her hand. It was still early into the night. Music had yet to overtake the steady drill of conversation.
She took a greedy sip of the mild concoction. "And on Valentine's Day! How fitting!"
 #36480  by Nate Dexter
"You know I love a girl with more issues than myself." Nate teased back, taking a sip of his drink.

There was something almost comforting about being around Helena. For once, Helena was never someone Nate had a sexual attraction to. Yes she was attractive, but Nate help her in more regard than most women he came into contact with. Especially back in his Hogwarts days, Nate had been known for being a bit of a womanizer, but Nate and Helena's friendship ran a little deeper. Without ever overtly stating it, the two had a deep and mutual respect for each other, which made being around the fellow ex-Ravenclaw very easy.

"Don't tell anyone though. I have a reputation to uphold."
 #36535  by Helena Sun
"Sure, it can be our little secret" came Helena's response as she gazed idly around the bar, enjoying the company and the music. The pub was hazy and dimly-lit. Strings of red fairylight's hung from the bar and the wireless was crooning out a sonorous progressive rock track. It was a nice distraction.

"So what were your plans for the night before I stumbled into your life? Any big party to attend?"
 #37064  by Nate Dexter
Nate lay back in his seat, draping his arm over the back of the couch. He took a sip from his glass.

At the word party, Nate laughed to himself.

"I knew there was something I was forgetting." he replied laughing to himself. "Dya remember Nola Fitralph? Pretty sure she was in your year actually. Well, she's having a birthday party tonight at WADA. Apparently, she goes there now." The bartender shrugged.

Nate and Nola mainly only knew each other as mutual party goers. A friendship based entirely on alcohol and 24-hour long parties. It was definitely not the healthiest relationship he had but not one that he was willing to bow out on just yet.

"We should go. If anything there'll be free alcohol and you never know. We might just find the loves of our lives with the night that's in it."
 #37137  by Helena Sun
Draining her drink felt particularly easy that night, a lethargic look in her eyes as she moved the ashtray which sat unused in the middle of the table closer. Drinking made her particularly prone to chainsmoking her face off. So did the idea of going to a party.

"I know Nola. Paired up with her for fifth-year Herbology," Helena replied, raising her voice as a crowd of rowdy pub-goers entered the establishment.

"Good on her for finding something new. I can't imagine that accident did her any good." Helena remembered a colleague who specialized in sports talking about it. Naturally, she couldn't find the right way to sympathize with the woman. Helena wasn't good with that sort of thing, perhaps even a little incapable as her mother liked to remind her. But she could [/i]imagine[/i] ending your career on a (pun-unintended) fly wasn't something people normally enjoyed.

"I'll pass on finding the love of my life, but the free alcohol sounds tempting." Why shouldn't she go? Parties were not Helena's scene at all, but perhaps she would bump into someone from school. She wasn't going to line, a part of her was interested to see how everyone had grown up to become. How different had their lives unthreaded since the war? Were her classmates whom she fought alongside at the Battle of Hogwarts the same as before? Was she?
 #37289  by Nate Dexter
"Oh really now? That could almost be considered best friend territory in your world." Nte teased. The older boy took out his rolling tobacco, skins, and filters, placing them on the table in front o them. He leaned forward as he rolled his cigarette as Nola spoke.

"Yeah i heard it was a bad accident." Nate licked the rolling paper before finishing the completion of his cigarette.

Nate tapped the cigarette on the table before putting it between his lips and lighting it. He sat back in his chair with his cigarette in one hand and his drink in the other. He smiled across the table at Helena.

"Correct answer, Sun." he replied with a smirk.

"Well that answers that then." Nate knocked back his drink and placed the glass on the table, albeit a little harder than necessary. "I think it's time we go crash a party."