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 #35890  by Albie Rees
Location: Albie's Flat • Date: February 2004

His flat was covered in tones of greys, whites, and silver. The ceiling was high and the furniture was scarce, making the space rather breathable if not a little cold. Tall windows covered the western wall, offering them a voyeuristic view of the city's nightlife taking place down below.

He offered to take her cloak and in the same breath, he offered her a drink. If he wanted any chance to resist his impulse he needed to keep his mind and his hands occupied.
 #35903  by Artemis Browning
Artemis' eyes roamed over the apartment, taking everything in. She wasn't a stranger to seeing a man's apartment for the first time, but this one was Albie's. It felt different. The first thing she noticed was the colour, or lack thereof. A far cry from the clutter and cacophony of colour in her own place in Chicago.

He spoke, then, and she turned to face him. Wordlessly, she handed over her cloak, offering a small smile. She wasn't as weepy as she had been at Vaska, but her emotions were still amped up. Perhaps it was the alcohol. He offered her a drink and Artemis nodded.

"Sounds great," she said, trying to ignore the way their hands had touched when he took her cloak, the way her heart had leaped up into her throat.
 #35906  by Albie Rees
He hung their cloaks.

His wand ordered them a drink while he led them to a low black leather sofa. He sat, comfortably with his arm resting on the back of the sofa.

There had been a change in her demeanor. She was no longer the bold and self-assured woman who had drawn him in, she appeared to have been stirred, almost vulnerable. He cleared his throat. "Are you okay?" He asked through the words felt strange to him. Albie hardly ever expressed concern.
 #35912  by Artemis Browning
She sat beside him, one leg tucked underneath her. At his words, Artemis swallowed. "Yeah," she breathed out, trying to get a grip on her emotions. It wouldn't do to become a weepy mess all over him, not now that she was in his apartment. She drew in a breath, holding it for a moment before letting it out.

"Just taking it in. Nice view," she commented, feeling a little bit more in control for the time being. With her leg under her, she was conveniently leaning in towards him, so she turned slightly to rest her elbow against the back of the sofa, her fingers in her hair. She was commenting on the view outside, but really she was looking at him.
 #35946  by Albie Rees
If she said she was okay he would not insist. Their drinks came to rest on the glass table in front of them, but Albie paid them no attention.

"I can't complain," he returned the compliment when she commented on the view. She was as stunning as her sister yet different like paintings from the same artist but appreciated for different qualities.

Arm resting on the back of the sofa he moved his hand slightly so that his thumb could brush along her shoulder. "Had I known you missed me that much," he let the rest of his sentence up to her imagination.
 #35988  by Artemis Browning
She preened under the compliment, picking up her drink and taking a sip. Hopefully it would restore some of her earlier courage, Artemis thought. Instead of putting the glass down, Artemis eyed Albie over the rim, leaning ever-so-slightly into his touch.

"Are you kidding?" she asked, the corners of her mouth turning up. "I wasn't even originally going to be on this European tour, but when I realized I might have a chance to run into you?" She lifted her shoulder in a small shrug. "How could I refuse?"

Artemis conveniently left out the fact that she had also come to Europe to meet up with Lindsay. But even now, she was barely thinking of the woman. Her eyes were on Albie, watching him, searching him.