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 #35913  by Lindsay Barton
Location: Schwarzwald Market • Date: February

Lindsay followed the older woman, wanting to get as far away from whoever that man was as possible. She didn't speak as they moved, instead glancing behind her every so often, as if worried that he was somehow following. She wasn't normally a skittish person, but something about him had left her unsettled.

Soon, her feet were starting to ache and she finally spoke up. "I think we're good," she said, stopping and putting her hands on her hips, trying to breathe. "Who was that?" Then after a moment, she added, "and what are you doing here?"

She couldn't remember the name of the girl she had been seeing the night she met the woman, but she definitely remembered the woman.
 #35948  by Thea Redwood
Anger seeped through her veins making her wish she had taken her rage out on the man they had just abandoned. Hubris had gotten her caught and sent to rot in Azkaban. She would not let foolish mistakes get in the way of the freedom she had laboriously regained.

Eyes cast towards the ground she avoided the gaze of the crowd and led them in an empty alley.

"I don't- I don't know," she shook her head. She looked down at her hands and realized they were shaking. She hid them in her pockets. She tightened her jaw and tried to speak as calmly as possible. "I was buying spices," she explained. "You?"

Lindsay could not know that she had caught her breaking her parole. Thea would do her best to remain as casual as possible.
 #35993  by Lindsay Barton
Lindsay watched Thea carefully. "I was just checking out the market. I'm moving to America soon," she offered, finally able to control her breathing.

It was unsettling to know that not even the woman knew what had been going on with the man. Lindsay folded her hands together in front of her, swallowing a lump in her throat.

"So... I guess this is the moment where we talk about what we've been up to, lately?" she asked, arching an eyebrow.
 #36299  by Thea Redwood
"Well, I know who you haven't been doing," Thea retorted without a single shred of self-restraint. A little too proud of herself she tilted her head and barely managed to hide her smirk.

Funny how ripping the piss instantly ameliorated her mood.
 #36385  by Lindsay Barton
Lindsay arched an eyebrow, scoffing. "You really keep track of your flatmate's sex life?" she asked, trying to hide her own embarrassment. The girl had been sweet, sure, but Lindsay hadn't been able to figure out what she really wanted. She still didn't quite know. An image of a tall brunette slipped into her head and she shook it out. It wasn't as if she even knew where Artemis was right now. The athlete could be anywhere, not that Lindsay would know unless Artemis sent her an owl.

"As a matter of fact, I'm not too far off from a big move across the pond," she said, shrugging.
 #36487  by Thea Redwood
Keeping track of her flatmates' sex lives had been an unfortunate consequence of her persisting insomnia, but Thea did not care to admit that.

Wanderlust had long left the blonde, but she did envy the opportunity to start anew. "What brought upon the sudden change?" She asked though she had no clues indicating that the move had been abrupt.
 #36531  by Lindsay Barton
Lindsay shrugged. "A new job opportunity," she said, almost dismissively. She knew it wasn't the job that was bringing her to America. "A chance to help build a brand new company."

Saying it out loud to someone else who wasn't a sad family member was weird. Saying it to this woman she hardly knew was weirder still. "And you? Any big life developments?"
 #36562  by Thea Redwood
"I see," she envied though she couldn't help but notice a hint of regret in her tone. They had only met once and Thea had not expected them to meet again. Yet here they were. At a time when Thea had not wanted to be seen. And in fate's cruel tendencies, it appeared they had only reunited to be made aware that they were not to see each other ever again.

The young woman had left an impression. Her feisty temperament had awakened something in Thea that had been slumbering since her years in Azkaban. She had been reminded of banter and repartee, she had taken part in a dance she had forgotten she enjoyed.

Uncomfortable with her unusual train of thought she looked over the young woman's shoulder and was reminded of their surroundings. "I need to get back to my portkey," she revealed with a certain urgency. "Come back to London with me. Let's have a drink." It may have been an invitation, a request or a plea or perhaps a hybrid of the 3. Her blue eyes likely let it slip that she was asking for one last dance before the younger woman left the continent.
 #36579  by Lindsay Barton
Well, that was unexpected. Lindsay couldn't deny that there was something about the older woman that intrigued her. She wanted to know more of her story, and she had only met the woman twice now. Maybe she was deflecting. Maybe that was it. She bit the inside of her cheek, realizing that because of the portkey, she was under a time limit to respond.

"Sure," she said, surprising herself. She hadn't finished her shopping at the Market, but her curiosity won out and she gave a firm nod. "Yeah, sounds good." Maybe a drink would help her with her confused jumble of thoughts. "Besides, I was going to head to London once I was done here, anyway." Might as well be social. She gave a small grin, waiting for Thea to lead the way. "Lindsay, by the way. I don't know if we ever, you know. Exchanged names."
 #36711  by Thea Redwood
"Thea," she responded distractedly as she led them towards the portkey. It had been arranged for her as a last favor by a friend from her former life. A life she had been forced to leave behind.

"Just in time," the blonde sighed as they finally reached the old bucket. Thea looked at the watch on her wrist. "Ready?" She asked her friend before she took the old object.
 #36898  by Lindsay Barton
It became all the more real now that they had exchanged names. Lindsay nodded slowly, glancing down at the bucket apprehensively. It wasn't that she was elitist, by any means, but she was feeling slightly apprehensive about the idea of touching an old bucket. She much preferred apparation to portkeys, anyway.

Still, though, she had a sense of adventure. "Yeah," she sad, reaching over and wrapping her fingers around the handle of the bucket. "Please don't abduct me or anything," she added, realizing last minute that this was probably an insane thing to do. Then again, when had she ever passed up an opportunity to stave off her general boredom?
 #37013  by Thea Redwood
"Embrace the danger," she quipped. There was a twinge behind her navel, a tickle she wished she had lost in the shadows. PThe thought of playing with danger, still seemed to give some sort of satisfaction.

Before she could read Lindsay's reaction the portkey sent them to their destination. "Still not a fan," she mumbled when she finally felt like she could open her eyes without the risk of spewing her modest breakfast.
 #37213  by Lindsay Barton
The tug under her navel jolted Lindsay and when they finally spun to a stop, she immediately let go of the bucket and turned around, bending over with her head between her legs, desperately trying to keep her own breakfast down.

After a moment, she slowly rose to a standing position, her hand over her heart. "I hate portkeys," she grumbled, now taking in her surroundings. "So. Where to now?"
 #37280  by Thea Redwood
Not one for nurture, Thea stood next to the younger woman with a hand frozen at her side. Her hand could easily have traveled towards the woman and offered a reassuring pat, but Thea did no such thing. She averted her eyes and offered a bit of privacy in a moment of vulnerability.

"This way." They needed to get out of the field and right at the edge of town, they'd find a little pub. She opened the door for her guest. "Ale? Wine? Something with more personality?" She gestured towards a table and then the bar indicating that she would get them their drinks.
 #37844  by Lindsay Barton
Lindsay gave a grateful nod, eager to be able to sit down. It would give her the chance to recover from the portkey. "Ale is fine," she replied, moving to the indicated table and sinking down into the chair. Something made her choose the chair that left her back open to the rest of the room, allowing her companion to sit with her back to the wall.