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 #35919  by Vyreia
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LEGAL NAME: Valentina ??CURRENT AGE: 20s
BLOOD STATUS: MixedSPECIES: Witch or Squib
PRIMARY ERA: ReformationSUGGESTED PLAY BY: Tashi Rodriguez

Valentina grew up in Europe somewhere, I don't mind where. I know she went to Beauxbatons, and is wanting a carrier working with children, whether it be a professor or a supervisor or anything! In order to get into a position like this, she needs to get more experience working with young children, and in this case, infants. She may also find that she wants to work her way up the ranks at Witchy Watchers instead.

I picture her very fairly democratic, empathetic, and intelligent. I believe at some points, she may let her better judgement go in order to make quick-witted comments when she really shouldn't. But her main focus has always been the care and protection of children in her care, and she would stop at nothing to ensure their happiness and safety.

Nanny Wanted

Employer: Astrid Iver via Witchy Watchers
Job Description: Tend to the basics needs of an infant whilst parents are working or pre-occupied. Assist with general housekeeping duties and learn basic requirements for the Iver Household.
  • Must have a passion for working with young children and caring for their needs
  • Must be independent and have intuition
  • Experience with basic potions and herbology skills to administer routine care and medication needs. Must also be trained in magical first aid
  • Proficient in two languages, including English
  • Flexible working schedule, and willing to work nights and weekends
  • Must be able to live in with employers, South East England

Annual Salary: 4,417G 11S 13k
Employee Benefits: Pension scheme, 50% off gyms, additional employer-decided bonuses

SCHOOL: Beauxbaton'sHOUSE: N/A
OCCUPATION: Live in nanny, Witchy WatchersSOCIAL CLASS: Working
⋆ Employer - Astrid Iver ⋆ May butt heads due to their differences in childcare and ethics ⋆
⋆ Housemate - Jodie Watts ⋆May get along due to their less skewed views regarding the Ivers ⋆
⋆ Possible Rival - Viola York ⋆ Works at Iver Hall and may find distaste to having another woman around ⋆
⋆ friend - Hera Cleary ⋆ Possible employer for her twins; likely helps with some tasks, close to Astrid ⋆