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 #35922  by Vyreia
A looong time ago we had a thread where everyone would add an unofficial, sometimes funny, rule about the way we RP on Vault 713! Add rules you think we need below and we can have a full list of 'rules'. I've put the first example below!
Vault 713's Unofficial Rules

1. If there is a secret that absolutely must not be shared, it must end up in the hands of the town gossip

2. That thing that you were out doing that no one was supposed to see? Someone saw it.

3. Two characters from whatever polar opposite corners of the world who are actively avoiding one another must by a stroke of absolutely unplanned fate run into one another at a some event along the lines of a coworker's brother-in-law's gardener's chihuahua's birthday party. In the Kiribati Islands.

4. Bumping into people shall be the likeliest way of meeting someone new.

5. No wedding is complete without a fist-fight

6. You're never too shy or too introverted to get drunk with a stranger at the pub (and presumably tell them all about your life)

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