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March 15 - April 4: Stuck inside? Feeling like you need some inspiration? Come participate in our Creativity Fest and put that muse to work!
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RP Challenge
Challenge Overview

Introducing the Creativity Fest RP Challenge! We have two exciting challenges for you to participate in during our 2020 Vault Creativity Fest! This challenge will remain open for the entire three week event!

The first is Stuck! In this challenge, we want you take two or more characters and play out a thread where they cannot leave a specific location for an extended period of time. Are they in an elevator? Is there a snowstorm outside? Is there a quarantine? Did two students get stuck in a broom closet? You decide!

The second is Locked Out! In this challenge, we want you to take two or more characters and play out a thread where they are trying to get into a place and for whatever reason are unable to for an extended period of time. Are they locked out of their house? Were they late for class? Are they missing that oh-so-important meeting? You decide!

How to Participate
Take a look at the prompts above. This challenge may be completed once per prompt, per member for rewards, but feel free to complete as many threads as you would like with a variety of members to help everyone complete the challenge!

Create a thread in the Fixed Timeline Era RP forums and play out the prompt. Threads must be at least fifteen (15) posts to count for rewards.

Reply to this thread filling out the form below. Those who complete the challenge will receive two quills per prompt in addition to the quills received for archiving a story.

Stories must be completed by the end of our 2020 Vault Creativity Fest (April 4) to receive rewards.

Be sure to check out the other 2020 Vault Creativity Fest events and rewards if you've already done this one!

Participation Form
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