A Magical Roleplaying Experience 

 #39325  by Tommaso Cortopassi
Getting off the autobahn, he pulled to a side road the nature already showing in full force as he hit the back road. He’d been pulling 70 mph, a little slower for his guests sake than he’d been going with his brothers.
“This is beautiful.” He said to his silent but polite company.

The car was smooth running, something we was very thankful for after it’s breakdown.
“Come here often?” He said going up the road, then it dawned on him... where should he turn and or stop at?
“Tell me when to turn or stop.” He said calmly.
 #39354  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten sat in the car, imperturbable, as the other man drove around. He drove fast, but this was the Autobahn. Plenty of other people drove fast, too, and people needed their wits about them if they were going to make it out alive. Karsten wasn't too worried, though. If the guy proved to be a maniac, he could always disapparate, and the other one couldn't stop him. Not when he was basically just a Muggle with some inkling of the magical world.

He nodded in response, as the other man spoke about the view. He merely pointed to his right, indicating for him to turn there. There was a slight, secluded promontory with a beautiful view of the lake, where he knew cars often parked for the passengers to look at the view, and also make out. Wait, what? What were they doing? Why had he brought them here?

'I don't,' he replied. Right now, they were alone. As far as he knew, people mostly came here at night, which was when he would enjoy coming, too, but for all the couples. Ruined a good hike. 'It's a good view, though.' Yes, focus on the view. And not on the fact it was hot in the car.
 #39362  by Tommaso Cortopassi
He nodded, turning to the right as he was directed to. The road turned even more into wood as he did so and the scenes only got more pretty in terms of natural beauty.
"I can see that." He said as he parked in what looked like a man made parking spot a part like area with a beach miles out. He leaned back in his seat taking it in. This was much better than his hotel room...where his brothers were currently waiting.

"Now this is what i wanted to see in Germany," He said more so to himself, before turning to the man, "Thank you for showing me this."
 #39380  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten only gave a nod in response. It was a good spot. What for, that was the question. He was free to contemplate that now while the other man parked the car. What was his goal, here?

He was spared further considerations when the guy continued to talk. 'What, the beaches?' Karsten asked with a smirk. Who the hell came to Germany for the beaches? Besides, this was just a dumb, tiny lake, nothing to be impressed by. Unless the United States really didn't have much to offer in terms of a view.

'Erm, you're welcome?' Karsten swallowed as the other man looked at him. What was he supposed to say?
 #39437  by Tommaso Cortopassi
He smirked,
"Anything other than houses and streets. Where I live that's all there is." He admitted. He had imagined Germany might be a bit different...another angle his brothers got him on when talking to him about even coming....they knew him far to well. Not that he was a huge nature guy, he'd hike here and there...but one needed to travel to do it. This man was lucky with a place so close yet so far away from his town.
"At least unless you want to travel an hour in either direction." He finished, before opening his door and stepping out to meet the cool breeze.

Sure it wasn't an ocean...but it was something. Some parts of America did have these views...only his area was so densely populated...the park was the closest you got. Even so driving an hour away the cities didn't vanish, no you have to go out to the hills to do that. Far away from any city.
 #39447  by Karsten Funkenfluss
Karsten looked at the other man, silently. He had nothing to contribute to the discussion. He'd never gone further than Hamburg or Lübeck in either direction. He wasn't curious for what lay outside his region, and didn't really think the world had anything much to offer him. Todesfelde had nothing. No one had anything to offer him, and there was nowhere and no one that could possibly be different.

The guy got out of the car, presumably to shake his legs, but Karsten stayed put. He had nothing to say, and nothing to do, besides wringing his fingers, which he was apparently doing. What was he even doing here?